Introducing Our New Team Member!

17 May 16
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MichelleWe are very pleased to announce that Michelle Moore will join Got Schwag Promotional Products as our new Account Manager in May!

As Account Manager,  Michelle’s responsibilities will include customer acquisition, customer relations, sales and on going account retention.

Michelle currently works as a Special Education Teacher and Soccer coach. She has previous experience in public relations, as well as sales, and has her Masters Degree in Education.

Michelle is located in rural Eastern North Carolina, and her region will include Coats, North Carolina, as well as surrounding areas of Raleigh and Wilmington.

We are very excited to have her as part of the Got Schwag team, and look forward to expanding our market in North Carolina!


Name? Michelle Moore
Brief work experience? Special Education Teacher; Soccer Coach; Pampered Chef consultant; restaurant hostess, sales – Cutco knives
Level of education? Master of Education
Hobbies? Shopping; spending time at the beach; hiking; walking
Tell us about where you live? Coats, NC… Rural eastern NC.. 45 minutes from Raleigh and about an hour and a half from Wilmington.
Favorite subject in school? Art and gym
Favorite place to be? Wrightsville Beach, NC
What makes you happy? Spending time with my daughter
Tell us something about yourself that isn’t common knowledge… When I was in 4th grade I scored PHS (past high school) in more than one subject on the Metropolitan Achievement Test. I think it was three areas.
What is marketing to you? Marketing is communicating, promoting and exchanging information and products that can improve or benefit others in some manner and building a relationship of mutual trust and respect.
Why do you think you can help people with their marketing? I have some experience in sales, as well as good communication skills, but I also understand that marketing involves more than just these skills. It also requires building relationships and not just selling a product, but filling a need.
Why do you look forward to working with Got Schwag? I’m seeking a source of income that has flexible hours since I teach, coach girls and boys soccer, and I’m a single mom. Plus, who wouldn’t want to work with a company that has a cool name like “Got Schwag”?!?!?


Michelle Moore
Account Manager