Are You Still Using Your Cell Number For Business?

Business Phone Number

        • Separate business from personal.
        • Look more professional.
        • Get transcribed Voicemails.
        • Keep your phone number even if you move carriers.
        • Direct multiple extensions to ANY number. 
          (example: ext. 1 can direct to your cell, ext. 2 can direct to your partners cell, and so on!)
        • Virtual Assistant included!

Text Marketing Number and CMS

        • Get a text marketing number.
        • Create multiple “opt in” via text codes, for multiple mailing lists.
        • Set up automated text campaigns, or one time blasts to your mailing list.

I’m Sure There’s More. I’m Forgetting Something.

Vox Direct is so robust, we recommend it for just about any business!

          • Do you carry more than one cell phone? 
          • Do you have more than one business?
          • Are you doing business from your cell number and trying to correlate with your partners using their cell numbers?
          • Do you see a need for text marketing in your demographic but don’t know how to go about it?

Vox Direct is perfect for you if you answered yes to any of the above. Receive calls at one central number and let the virtual assistant handle the rest. Have calls directed to each of your partners by assigning them an extension that forwards directly to their cell. Seamlessly. Set up a Voicemail that is then transcribed and texted directly to you. 

Set up text marketing campaigns in minutes that will keep you top of mind with your clients, organize your group or team by communicating from one central text CMS, run specials by using and “opt in” text code – there is so much more! If you want, contact us and set up an appointment to answer any questions – or check it out at the link below.

And It’s SO Affordable!

Check It Out.