Reasons Why YOU should “Put YOUR Logo On It!”

27 June 16
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Promotional Products Speak Your Message
Are you looking for 2,000b T shirts for a 5k run? NO PROBLEM! Do you need 50 buttons for a small intimate event? NO PROBLEM! As marketing solutions specialists we are here to meet all of your challenges, big or small. Whether you are looking to increase trade show traffic, or raise brand awareness, promotional products are a unique and effective way to market your business!

Promotional products can be as unique as you or your message. They come in all shapes and sizes and are as diverse as is the audience you are trying to reach! If you can think of an item, it is likely available as SCHWAG and can be created with your brand message on it. There are times that custom items can even be made – so just because you don’t see it in a promotional catalog doesn’t mean that it cant be done! This is especially effective in reaching your specific demographic with an item that they will use, and remember!

Your Prospects Are Getting Out There!
There are always new festivals and events popping up, no matter where you live geographically. Your audience is attending these shows and what better way to get their attention than to hand them a promotional product? 90% of consumers will take these products home and use them… keeping your brand in the forefront on a daily basis!

Need Referrals?
Promotional products as incentives can produce valuable referrals from satisfied customers! A survey conducted Louisiana State University indicated accompanying a request for referrals with an offer of a promotional product incentive drew as many as 500% more referrals as an appeal letter alone. And we all know how important those referrals cqan be for business!

Adding a promotional product to your advertising campaign has been seen to increase favorable attitudes toward products and services in almost all cases. Using a promo product alone as a means of marketing your business has been seen to increase brand interest up to 69%, and create a good impression of your brand!

People who receive promotional products have have a positive image of the business through:

  • Increase overall positive image
  • A more positive perception of the business
  • higher likelihood of referring the business
  • Higher likelihood of utilizing the business / service

(Source: PPAI Study: Promotional Products Impact On Brand/Company Image Conducted by Georgia Southern University)

The Gift That Keeps on Giving!
58% of respondents keep a promotional product anywhere from one year to more than four years. Even if the recipient uses the item only once per week,
that’s a minimum of 52 impressions made over the course of a year with the possibility of more than 208 during a five year window.
(Source: PPAI Study: Effectiveness of Promotional Products As An Advertising Medium)

Not to mention, promotional products like pens tend to move from hand to hand, generating impressions to a much broader audience!

OPTIONS! And More Options!

There are over 3,900 suppliers in the promo industry, providing hundreds of thousands of promo products that can fit any budget! Having options creates flexibility when planning out your marketing campaign, no matter how big or small!

Need It FAST?
There are times when a marketing opportunity just pops up and you need solutions, FAST! Luckily, many supppliers off rush services, sometimes as fast as 24 hours from placing an order!
People love receiving promo products! 90.4% reported either currently owning or possessing a promotional product received within the last 24 months.

(Source: PPAI Study: Effectiveness of Promotional Products As An Advertising Medium)

Are you looking for promo products for your business?

Amy Keel
Marketing Solutions Specialist

Put YOUR Logo on it!